Limited Power of Attorney

In our continuing fight with the state to remove River Ranch from their list of Critical Property, our attorney has been working with the state on a limited power of attorney document.  This document was finally approved by the state in November.

The reason for the limited power of attorney is that we would like to pool all properties from our members and RRPOA and collectively ask to be taken off the list with the hope that we could be the largest land owner within the area of interest for the DEP.   Being the largest landowner is the only way to remove the Bombing Range Ridge project from the DEP Critical list.  The Limited Power of Attorney gives the RRPOA lawyer, Scott Fitzpatrick the right to have these properties pooled and counted as one owner with the hopes of becoming the largest landowner.  The only rights that you are giving Scott Fitzpatrick is to have your property be collectively pooled with RRPOA property and other members properties in order to ask that our property be taken off the Bombing Range Ridge Project with the hopes that this project be discontinued. This right is revocable at any time.

This is probably our best chance to permanently remove River Ranch from the DEP Critical List.  Your support is very important for this.  Also please note that this gives Scott Fitzpatrick only the right to ask for your property to be removed.  He will have no other rights to your property whatsoever.  Also, this is revocable at any time meaning that you can decide to take away this right at anytime that you so desire for any reason that you desire.

Below is the Limited Power of Attorney that you can fill out along with an example of the Limited Power of Attorney already filled out.


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Property Limited Power of Attorney.pdf
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Sample Limited Durable Power of Attorney[...]
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